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Christine Schmidt talks to students about the signs of depression and anxiety in a friendly and understandable way.  She teaches them about "how to empty their cup" and the dangers of not doing so.  She also talks to them about how to T.H.I.N.K. before talking and texting and the importance of being kind ALWAYS. She briefly shares Morgans story although this is not the focus of the conversation.

The It's All Love, Only Love Coalition was created in honor and memory of Morgan L Schmidt.  Morgan was a 7th grade honor student who excelled as a cross country runner for her school team.  She enjoyed being with friends, laughing, going to the mall, watching movies; all the things girls her age do.

Morgan was beautiful in all ways.  She had a warm smile, sparkling eyes, a warm personality and a contagious laugh.  She genuinely cared for her friends and loved her family.  Morgan also had an admirable relationship with God.  

What people couldn't see on the outside was that Morgan was suffering in silence on the inside.  She was a very intelligent and strong willed person and when life's ups and downs, aggravated by social and online harassment, became too much, Morgan ended her own life on April 6, 2014, at the age of 12.

The creation of the It's All Love, Only Love Coalition was founded by Morgan's Mother, Christine Schmidt.  Invite Christine to speak in your community.  "Together, We can make a difference!"


parent and teacher session

Letters from Students who attended a talk

​Given by Christine Schmidt.

small and large group sessions with students


​Morgan is everyones child. Learn of Morgans beautiful life and the inside story of her heart breaking death.

Christine to Parents: A look inside our family
working together we can make a difference 

The It's All Love, Only Love Coalition travels to communities and schools to speak to students, parents and school administrators about the importance of "healthy self care for mind and body" and the importance of being kind always. 

You can bring Christine to your community by talking to your school, referring Christine to your school or hosting a private talk at a location of your choosing.